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HARMONY – Part Five: Out now!


Part Five – HARMONY (approximately 20,000 words)…When Harmony McKenzie kills her abusive father with an axe to the head, she’s sent to a secure unit for the criminally insane – somewhere she can never escape from. But Harmony finds a way.

In a catatonic state, she travels via her dreams, and as the fifth Indigo Kid, takes on the role of Justice. Making her way through the tarot cards, Harmony finds the other Indigos and an unbreakable connection is born.

In the real world, the Hierophant monster Louis Ortega is arranging to make a purchase. He wants Harmony’s body – and there’s nothing she can do to stop him… or so he thinks.

Louis Ortega doesn’t bank on Ceci. When Ceci discovers Harmony is in danger, their connection is made and colours start to fly. Their Awakening is unstoppable. Together they are unstoppable.She is being called – they are being called. It’s time for the beginning of the end. It’s time for… Awakenings.

“Answer, my children – answer as if your heart would break. Answer the shades, the hues, the petrol blues. Answer the call… of Indigo.”

Jax, Hadi, Starr & Ceci are out now! Ming & Xi and Shai are coming soon.

& Nirvanawill be released in 2015.Lost Ones, Sirens’ Song & The Last Chord are books 4, 5 & 6 and will follow.

The Indigo kids: Part four – CECI

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Ceci has never had much of anything. Growing up on the mean streets of Brazil, he has fought every day of his short life – a life that is soon to come to an end…or is it? When Ceci wakes up in an empty operating theatre in Buenos Aires with no recollection of how he got there, strange things start to happen. Finding a mysterious key and discovering a hidden world beneath the hospital where strange becomes downright weird, Ceci soon finds out that maybe his life is worth more than he thought – but to whom?

Louis Ortega, aka The Hierophant, wants Ceci’s soul –wants his colour—his and the rest of the indigo kids’. Ortega has a plan and with the help of his faithful-but-misguided mercenaries, will stop at nothing to achieve it. With his dark prince and master surgeon, Raphael by his side, Ortega continues his quest to steal the colour from the world and use it for his own means – but Ortega didn’t bank on the power of the kids or their special gifts. Slowly, but surely, they are opening their hearts and minds and in doing so, discovering things about themselves they never knew – with their colours, comes power.

Ceci is about to find out that he has allies – friends. From the wondrous Jax and the geeky Hadi, to the glittering green girl, Harmony and the adventurous Starr, to the ones he is yet to meet, it soon becomes apparent that for the first time, he isn’t alone.

It’s time for the beginning of the end…it’s time for Awakenings.

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The INDIGO KIDS: Part three – STARR…coming soon


The INDIGO KIDS: Seven special children – one mission. Through time and space, seven uniquely talented children are called together. Connected by an invisible thread and each with a special gift, they are given a supremely important job: To save the world. They are the chosen ones. They are – the Indigo Kids.

Starr has been running her whole life – running like a wolf, which is ironic really, because that is exactly what she is – only she doesn’t know it yet.

Unaware of her ability to shift her shape until her path crosses with an old Arapaho Indian, Starr continues her travels across America blissfully unaware that she is being followed. Louis Ortega knows what she is and he wants her, along with the other indigo kids, and will stop at nothing to get what he wants.

When Starr is tracked to a bar in Montana and a mysterious grey-suited man tries to kidnap her, she is saved by the white wolf Snow Faery. Starr begins to realise that she is different, that she has a gift and that she isn’t the only one – what she doesn’t know, is that that gift could get her killed.

She is being called – they are being called. It’s time for the beginning of the end. It’s time for…. Awakenings.