INDIGO KIDS – Book ONE: Awakenings (out now!)

So: Three weirdos, one conversation, a colour, a dream. 135,000 words and a million miles of editing and this is what happens…Very pleased/relieved Karen Osborne Bring on Paragon… (and stop with the Nirvana already…)


International best-seller SAFFINA DESFORGES (writing as STEVIE JORDAN) & KAREN OSBORNE bring you: INDIGO KIDS: Seven special children – one mission. Through time and space, seven uniquely talented children are called together. Connected by an invisible thread and each with a special gift, they are given a supremely important job: To save the world. They are the chosen ones. They are – the Indigo Kids.

BOOK ONE – Awakenings: JAX is fifteen. She’s just an ordinary girl in a less-than-ordinary world. Jax thinks her life sucks and that it probably always will. She couldn’t be more wrong…Someone is watching her. Someone wants her and her special gift – a gift she doesn’t know she has. A strange dream. A whale. The geek. A man in grey. A fight she has no idea she’s in. HADI is a geek. He’s always been a geek. With few friends and growing up in a rapidly-evolving Egypt, Hadi’s only escape is into the world of computers. A world where he is King and he feels safe. When the mysterious grey man turns up at his mother’s door and offers him a coveted place at a clandestine institute, Hadi has no choice but to take it. There, he starts to uncover secrets that will change his life – and possible everyone elses – forever. STARR has been running her whole life – running like a wolf, which is ironic really, because that is exactly what she is – only she doesn’t know it yet. Unaware of her ability to shift her shape until her path crosses with an old Arapaho Indian, Starr continues her travels across America blissfully unaware that she is being followed. Louis Ortega knows what she is and he wants her, along with the other indigo kids, and will stop at nothing to get what he wants. CECI has never had much of anything. Growing up on the mean streets of Brazil, he has fought every day of his short life – a life that is soon to come to an end…or is it? When Ceci wakes up in an empty operating theatre in Buenos Aires with no recollection of how he got there, strange things start to happen. Finding a mysterious key and discovering a hidden world beneath the hospital where strange becomes downright weird, Ceci soon finds out that maybe his life is worth more than he thought – but to whom? When HARMONY McKenzie kills her abusive father with an axe to the head, she’s sent to a secure unit for the criminally insane – somewhere she can never escape from. But Harmony finds a way. In a catatonic state, she travels via her dreams, and as the fifth Indigo Kid, takes on the role of Justice. Making her way through the tarot cards, Harmony finds the other Indigos and an unbreakable connection is born. Two halves, one soul. Twins MING & XI Wang Po have been separated since they were little. Without each other, they’re not whole. Together, they are worth a price that money can’t buy – to Ortega. On Argentum, a small planet orbiting a star named Mira and 420 light years from Earth, the Elders are at war and a young boy called SHAI appears to be the only one who can save them. A reluctant hero, Shai sets off with his mother, Celeste in search of the Silver City and the secrets held there. What he finds, will change the course of destiny forever. As the seventh and final Indigo awakes, The Heirophant, Louis Ortega realises that without the kids’ colours, his dream of living out his days in Nirvana might be further away than he thinks – and he will do anything to make it a reality – even if it means playing God.

They are being called. It’s time for the beginning of the end. It’s time for…. Awakenings.

“Answer, my children – answer as if your heart would break. Answer the shades, the hues, the petrol blues. Answer the call…of Indigo.”


**Warning – May contain some mild sexual references and/or profanities.*

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