Awakenings – Part 6 (MING & XI) out now!

Part Six – available now!


Part Six – MING & XI (approximately 16,000 words) – Two halves, one soul. Twins Ming & Xi Wang Po have been separated since they were little. Without each other, they’re not whole. Together, they are worth a price that money can’t buy – to The Hierophant, Louis Ortega.

After losing his legs in an accident, Xi thinks that his dreams of becoming the fastest kid on earth are over. Not so. With the help of the Shichahai Academy and an awesome pair of blades, Xi fulfills his legacy – he is FEILONG – The Flying Dragon. But his new-found fame draws unwanted attention and Ortega tracks him down. He has other plans for him. He wants him to join his sister in the jelly vats beneath The Institute. He wants to drain his colour – his soul.
The indigo kids have other ideas.

They are is being called – it’s time for the beginning of the end. It’s time for…. Awakenings.

“Answer, my children – answer as if your heart would break. Answer the shades, the hues, the petrol blues.Answer the call…of Indigo.”

Jax, Hadi, Ceci, & Harmony, Ming & Xi and Shai are out now!

Paragon & Nirvana are coming soon. Lost Ones, Sirens’ Song & The Last Chord follow.

Grab your copy now!

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