Psst! Don’t tell anyone, right…


But, to celebrate the release of the new cover (by the fabulous Debbie @ The Cover Collection) and the imminent release of PART SIX – MING & XI, PART ONE – JAX is FREE right now over at Smashwords!

Here’s the blurb:

International best-selling author SAFFINA DESFORGES (writing as STEVIE JORDAN) & the creator of the wonderfully dark and disturbing, ‘Birdy’ KAREN OSBORNE bring you…

INDIGO KIDS: Seven special children – one mission. Through time and space, seven uniquely talented children are called together. Connected by an invisible thread and each with a special gift, they are given a supremely important job: To save the world. They are the chosen ones. They are – the Indigo Kids.

PART ONE – JAX (approximately 17,500 words) – Jax is fifteen. She’s just an ordinary girl in a less-than-ordinary world. Jax thinks her life sucks and that it probably always will. She couldn’t be more wrong…Someone is watching her. Someone wants her and her special gift – a gift she doesn’t know she has. A strange dream. A whale. The geek. A man in grey. A fight she has no idea she’s in. She is being called – they are being called.  It’s time for the beginning of the end. It’s time for…. Awakenings.

“Answer, my children – answer as if your heart would break.
Answer the shades, the hues, the petrol blues.
Answer the call…of Indigo.”

Hadi, Starr, & Harmony are out now, Ming & Xi, Shai are coming soon…

ParagonNirvana will be released in 2015/2016.  Lost Ones, Sirens’ Song & The Last Chord will follow.

Here’s the link, and don’t worry if you don’t have a Smashwords account, it’s free to join and you can download any format of ebook you like, to read on ALL devices… Go here.


(and look out for Ming & Xi, coming soon!)





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